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We are happy to inpresent you an innovative material: new generation deking «NEW WOOD».
Deking was created from environmentally friendly high-quality materials: highest quality wood and a binder polymer. Decking «NEW WOOD» has the best natural qualities of wood, without its shortcomings, such as exposure to rot and mildew, flammability, surface defects. Thereby maintaining the best qualities of wood, deking «NEW WOOD» eliminates the disadvantages.
Decking «NEWWOOD» has a two-way surface and is designed for different operating conditions.

  1.  The surface named  "velvet" is more a relief. It does not slide through the use of innovation "anti slip." You can use it everywhere, where there is direct and prolonged contact with water, for example, around the pool area, sauna, docks, piers. 
  2. The surface named "wave". The name speaks for itself. At the touch of a board is smooth and pleasant, perfect for bare feet. Also used the system "anti slip" - slip resistance. Suitable for equipment arbors, patios, playgrounds, barbecue. Operation are possible within the premises.

Wide range of natural colors deking «NEW WOOD» will not leave you indifferent and will help you to choose the terrace boards appropriate to your interior. Every touch of your feet to the decking board «NEW WOOD» gives a whole range of new sensations, will bring joy, beauty and comfort.

Excellent properties terrace board «NEW WOOD» makes it possible to withstand all weather conditions. Decking keeps stable geometry and natural appearance for a long time and only slightly lighter with age. Deking «NEW WOOD» do not afraid of water, prevents slipping thanks to grooved surface, even when wet. Board does not form knots and splinters, and resistant to shock and mechanical stress. Not affected by bacteria, fungi and insects. It is easy to fit and, if necessary, disassembled without the participation of professionals.

Deking «NEW WOOD» - an environmentally friendly product that does not require special care. Decking «NEW WOOD» is unparalleled innovative material and has no analogue. It combines the perfect combination of natural beauty, advanced technology and low operating costs. Outdoor activities become much easier! With deking «NEWWOOD» you will not doubt it.

Decking «NEW WOOD» during of all operation does not require any maintenance. Even after many years decking retains the original appearance and do not need of restoration. .

Deking «NEW WOOD» preserves the environment, provides the best correlation of price and quality. Compared with a wooden board service costs of «NEWWOOD» deking during the life of far less. Because of this you have freed more time, you can devote yourself and your family. You will be pleased with our products.



Product usage level of deking «NEW WOOD»


террасная доска в бане
  террасная доска для яхт и пирсов
  террасная доска вокруг бассейнов
  террасная доска для спортивных площадок
Terraces, verandahs, pergolas, cafe, garden areas, balconies, operated roofs   Boats, ferries, river boats, piers, docks, decks   Аround swimming pools, the product usage level here are unlimited   Sports grounds, car parks




Austrian quality

Decking the new generation, deking «NEWWOOD» of wood-plastic composite is strict and careful quality control in many ways, in laboratories, in the open test bench, simulating conditions in the Siberian cold, scorching sun and the tropical humidity, around the clock for many years

+7 (495) 64 848 64
+7 (964) 648 48 64

Sale dekinga terrace boards. Discounts Prices!



NEW DISCOUNTS to 31 March!
·Price deking "NEWWOOD" pine and chestnut color for 1 m² - 2400 rub.
·Price of composite boards and almond-colored stained oak "NEWWOOD" за 1 м² - 2100 rub.

Composite Decking "Newwood" - the advantages


The composition of the composite dekinga «NEWWOOD» includes wood and PVC, making it a 100% fire resistance. Unlike polypropylene PVC does not support combustion. 95% of Russian market of produce terrace boards, containing in its composition of wood and polypropylene, which is a flammable material, support and smoldering combustion.

Where to buy polymer terrace boards: deking in Moscow?


Dear customers, you can purchase Decking made from wood plastic composite in our office located in Moscow at Russia, Moscow, ul. Yaroslavl, Building 10, Building 4, Suite № 4. We will be glad to help you!


We invite you to cooperate with us dealers for sales!

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